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We recommend parking in the car park of the supermarket EuroSpa and Tourism  Office ( the road that goes from Figueres to Portbou, when entering in LLançà — N-260 ) . From the tourist office you can go to the Plaza Mayor on foot ( 300 meters) . You can park in the parkings that are in the vicinity of the Sports Pavilion , where participants will be able to shower after the race.
The motor-homes or caravan will be uniquely allowed to park in the car park of the supermarket above mentioned .

Collect of numbers
Will be from 2 hours and 30 minutes until 30 minutes before the race start selected.

They should be collected in RAFEL ESTELA parking – BEHIND the main square in the old fireguards building that is the site of Unión Excursionista Llançanenca.

After 30 minutes before the race start chosen, no more numbers will be given!

REMEMBER to bring a identification : ID card , passport or residence permit ! ! . Do not give any number without identifying the person to protect that anyone take a number that is not his number.
In the Plaza Mayor and surrounding there are bars to have breakfast.
For your safety , it is essential that you participate with your mobile phone, the one that has the number that you have provided when inscription . So we can call you if required and you can call if necessary .


It will be required that the number is visible to the organization at checkpoints and refreshment .

Will be required on arrival to give the card than you will receive together with the number . This card contains the bar code that will set your race time . Failure to deliver the ‘ll be penalized with disqualification and € 5 .

The signs will be yellow tape across with the corporate information from Union Excursionista Llançanenca  . We will reinforce certain sections with ground signals. Dresses will not be allowed because everything will be controlled by the organization. The participant will be disqualified if he cross fields to cut a few meters . ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO FOLLOW THE BANDS.

It is compulsory to wear drum, camel back , etc. .. to drinks liquid. CUPS will not be given.

Not be able to take refreshment products that are wrapped in plastic or similar to prevent contaminate the route . If you want to throw rubbish please do so in the appropriate controls .

For the safety of participants will not be allowed to make the race with animals.

Disqualifications :

will be disqualified :

  • Do not have the roadmap full market with all controls or pass some of them too late .
  • Do not walk the entire route .
  • Investing more than 6 hours in the test .
  • Dirty or degrading pathway or the mountains in general, or to warn against the regulations on fire prevention.
  • Take shortcuts.
  • Not present on arrival race card .

CLASSIFICATION : All participants invest less than 6 hours to perform the route and have not been disqualified will be considered classified . Established a classification based ordinal time travel.

All who leave the race, he will need to do communicate to a control or call to the phone number that we will give at starting of the race.

Not allowed to participate in the race with pets .

Simply by registering , all participants agree to the following rules .

Bad weather will not be an obstacle to the conclusion of the test.

Otherwise it will be resolved by the organizing committee of the event.

Participants must comply with the rules traffic in the urban area of LLANÇÀ .


The Arrival is the Plaza Mayor Llançà ( same point that out)
Once in the square, you  will receive some tickets for collection of commemorative jersey and a sandwich and drink that you can pick up at the bar installed in the same place where the numbers have been given .
You may want to have a shower in the municipal hall used for sport.

We give you a list of accommodation for participants of the race were some hotels and estate agents have applied a discount. .

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